About Me


My name is Brandon Bracy also known as “Coach Bracy” or “Bracy Skills Clinics”. I have been training and coaching for nearly 8 years, working for Colleges, High School Programs, and AAU Clubs. I Currently coach Junior Varsity at Modesto Christian High School. I’ve worked as a player development coach for Napa Valley College, and Team Rampage Basketball, along with coaching for Vallejo High School, American Canyon High School, and Jesse Bethel High School.


I graduated from Vallejo High School in 2009, before moving on to play at Solano Community College in 2010-2011. I was able to finish my college basketball career at Pacifica College in 2014. My journey as a basketball player allowed me to obtain two AA degrees from Solano College, a Bachelor’s degree from Cal State East Bay, and two Master’s degrees from Concordia University, Irvine.


My philosophy when it comes to player development is to focus on enhancing the fundamentals of the game, while also improving their basketball IQ. In order to play basketball at a high level it is important that the skill and athleticism of the players, match their mental approach to the game. Each player that comes through my program will have the opportunity to develop their overall game, and improve their mental approach.


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