The Independent Way: 5 Current D1 Players for Team Rampage (CA)

The Independent Way: 5 Current D1 Players for Team Rampage (CA)

In grassroots basketball the shoe companies such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor & now Puma, all have the biggest platforms as each of them host their own competitive league featuring the best high school prospects in the country. Those platforms not only feature the best players in the country, but they are also heavily scouted by the top colleges in the country and even NBA teams. There is no denying that playing on those circuit leagues will provide a heavy amount of exposure, and top notch competition. However, there is a growing lane of organizations that are competing independently and also are getting players to high levels without the backing of a shoe brand.

Team Rampage Basketball (CA) has become one of those organizations that has been able to produce division 1 players independently, with them having 5 current division 1 players for the 2023-2024 college basketball season. Below is a list of current division 1 players that came from the Rampage program.


  1. Myron Amey - San Jose State (2021)
  2. Christian Wise - San Jose State (2023)
  3. Will Heimbrodt - Seattle U (2023)
  4. Joaquim Arauzmoore Gonzaga (2023)
  5. Kyle Winters - Siena (2023)

Being able to produce Division 1 players is a very difficult task for several different reasons. One major reason is how hard it is to actually become a division 1 player, especially these days with the transfer portal. The transfer portal has made it more difficult for high school players to get a fair look from colleges with many coaches preferring to go with older players due to experience and maturity. Another reason it’s difficult for independent teams to produce division 1 players is the ongoing fight to hold on to their BEST players. Independent teams usually start off with future division 1 prospects and even PROS, but the influence of playing on the shoe circuit can sometimes be difficult to resist not only for the player but for the entire family. It takes a strong minded foundation from the individual and the family to turn down playing on the shoe circuit and stick with the independent team. The difficulty that independent organizations face to produce a D1 player on a consistent level can make some feel like it’s impossible to do, but it is very possible and real.

Players and coaches that are involved with an independent program should know that even though the fight and battle is hard, it can be done. One can make the argument that despite the amount of exposure & competition that the shoe circuits provide, playing on a QUALITY independent team that has a history of getting players out may be better. Most shoe circuit teams barely practice due to a lot of the players coming from many different areas. In these type of scenarios two things usually suffers, team chemistry and more importantly DEVELOPMENT. The goal should not only be to get to the Division 1, but to also SURVIVE at the Division 1 once the player gets there. Development and proper teaching is what will allow the player to survive and contribute at the college they end up attending. The college basketball season is now less than a month away and we are all excited for this upcoming year. Seeing these players compete at the Division 1 level after knowing how hard it was for each individual to get there, will be exciting & fulfilling.

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