Salim Arikat Becomes 3rd Team Rampage Player to Receive a Division 1 Scholarship in Two Years

Last Week 6’8’ Salim Arikat (2023) received his first Division 1 offer from St. Francis Brooklyn after his great performance during SoCal Academy’s East Coast road trip. Salim becomes the 3rd Team Rampage player to receive a basketball Division 1 scholarship in the past two years. Myron Amey committed to San Jose State in 2021, and Will Heimbrodt committed to Seattle U back in August of 2022, becoming the first two Team Rampage Division 1 Commits. With Salim receiving his first offer, more schools are expected to pursue and offer him and he will be the third Division 1 Commit.


Despite the height difference and the playing style amongst the three, there is one major similarity. None of the 3 had a single division 1 offer when they played their last high school game. All 3 players betted on themselves and decided to go postgrad while still competing in AAU. Director Antonio Hodges expressed his thoughts on the 3 players. “These young men stuck to the script and believed In themselves” Hodges said. “The ability to listen is so rare in this field but these 3 listened and applied” Hodges added.

The Blueprint has been laid out and the foundation has been set as far as what it takes on & off the court, to be a Division 1 athlete out of our program. Salim, Myron and Will all stayed the course even when schools wasn’t sold on them being Division 1 prospects. They continued to work on their game, and ask the right questions that would help their overall play. More seniors have reached out recently after seeing the success stories of these 3. They aren’t giving up on themselves and are motivated by their stories. We hope to continue to put out high level talent, while still focusing on development for every kid.



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