Team Rampage to Compete on the NB48 Circuit

Since the Team Rampage program started in 2015 the focus has always been to develop the players, maximize their talents, as well as move them on to the next level. That level of focus has led to over 60 student-athletes moving on to play at the college level including back to back Division 1 players (Myron Amey & Will Heimbrodt). On the journey to placing so many athletes, Team Rampage has went toe to toe with Shoe Circuit teams such as West-Coast Elite, Mass Rivals, and even the EYBL Oakland Soldiers that featured two former Lottery picks and current NBA players Jalen Green & Zaire Williams. This brutal schedule as an independent club has put the program in front of many eyes across the country, but they will now see a major shift in 2023. It has been announced that NXT PRO HOOPS will have their own circuit Powered by New Balance and Team Rampage (CA) has been selected to be a part of the NB 48 Circuit!



Teams 15-17u will compete on the brand new circuit this year which will include an intense travel schedule. Director Antonio Hodges expressed his thoughts on Rampage being on the circuit. “These are exciting times for us because we know where we come from” Hodges said. “Us staying in our lane and doing things the right way got us to this point” Hodges added. In the past three years alone the program has traveled to Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia & Texas competing in some of the best events in the country. Most of these trips came between the later part of 2020 through 2022 meaning the pandemic was very much in effect. 17u Head Coach Brandon Bracy talked about how the pandemic changed the program for the better. “We went into the pandemic unsure of everything like most would, but we used it as a way to build up mental health and keep our kids active. Little did we know it would get us a couple D1 commits” Bracy Said. “My son had just turned 1 and I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing putting myself at risk but God led the way, and it turned out to be a blessing for many more” Bracy added.


The D1 Commits would happen in back to back years with Myron Amey going to San Jose State in 2021 & Will Heimbrodt Committing to Seattle U in 2022. An independent program producing a Division 1 prospect is very difficult and even more difficult to do in back to back years which would end up playing a huge part in getting a look for the circuit. With the look of being on a brand new circuit there’s a huge chance that more Division 1 players will be produced from the program in the future.


The Journey for the program has been amazing as every team since 2015 has set up for the next team to be better, and have more opportunities. Every coach and player that has ever participated in the program has played a huge part in this wonderful achievement. 2023 will have a lot of challenges as far as the circuit but Team Rampage has dealt with many challenges since the start, and always dreamed of being in the position they are currently in.


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